Rings are the most important jewelry worn by ladies and men, since decade’s rings originated in a form of Christ rings mainly made for preserving the family tree with a particular logo or symbol symbolizes their family tree.

Rings are mainly Engagement, Wedding or simply for a Evening Dress and in 20th Century Toe and thumb rings are also worn by most of the men instead of men's rings and Gender inequality has Diminished.

At Eva we offer rings for all occasions and we undertake custom orders for rings which have evolved out of unique idea & inspirations of Individuals.

Eva Gems mainly manufactures rings in 18 carats white-yellow-rose Gold or Platinum upon special Requirements.


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Juvenile diamond ring - Cad117

Two Tone Engagement or Dress ring for any lovely occasionideal for gift to loved ones, & can wea..

AED 7,500.00 Ex Tax: AED 7,500.00

Kate's Sapphire Ring

Create an aura of sophistication with this ring from Eva. Featuring a 0.68ct oval cut sapphire surro..

AED 3,605.00 Ex Tax: AED 3,605.00


Create an aura of sophistication with this ring from MAMIYA. Featuring a 34 pieces of 0.35ct round c..

AED 3,342.00 Ex Tax: AED 3,342.00

La Rose de Tourmaline Ring-B14183

Rose Gold 18kt  Ring with Pink Tourmaline and Rose Quartz And Diamonds. Total 12 Pieces Of Diamo..

AED 1,969.00 Ex Tax: AED 1,969.00

Lady In Red diamond ring

Create an aura of sophistication with this Lady in Red Diamond Ring. Featuring a 0.51ct oval cut rub..

AED 2,890.00 Ex Tax: AED 2,890.00


Create an aura of sophistication with this Lavender ring from Mamiya. Featuring a 2.08ct of amethyst..

AED 3,500.00 Ex Tax: AED 3,500.00

Lavish Sapphire Ring

Presenting the Lavish Diamond and Sapphire Ring with 18kt white gold Diamond Ring with an eye catch..

AED 89,500.00 Ex Tax: AED 89,500.00

Lavish Tanzanite Diamond Ring - B14669

Lavish Oval Shape Tanzanite Diamond Ring with0.77 carat Tanzanite and 0.410 carat DiamondClusters cr..

AED 3,950.00 Ex Tax: AED 3,950.00

Le Design Ring

White Gold ring with Diamonds made in Overlapping design. Two Tone Gold in the ring consisting of Ro..

AED 5,600.00 Ex Tax: AED 5,600.00

Lifepartner Ring

Two Tone Lifepartner diamond ring with diamond on the centre. Total 0.13 carat of diamond and spinni..

AED 3,000.00 Ex Tax: AED 3,000.00

London Blue Ring

The workmanship went into the intricate cuts of the london blue topaz is worthy of appreciation. ..

AED 1,499.00 Ex Tax: AED 1,499.00

Lotus Flower Ring (OR1093)

Lotus Symbolize Prosperity & Wisdom, designed with 8 pellets and consists of center 1 pc diamond i..

AED 18,500.00 Ex Tax: AED 18,500.00

Love Affair Ring

White Gold 18Kt Love Diamond Wedding and Anniversary Band. Total diamond carat is 0.74 Carat consist..

AED 4,500.00 Ex Tax: AED 4,500.00

Love Circle Diamond ring

White Gold 18Kt Love Circle Diamond ring with 0.37 Carat diamonds set in spiral round ring. Total go..

AED 3,730.00 Ex Tax: AED 3,730.00


Create an aura of sophistication with this ring from tanzania. Featuring a 0.68ct oval cut tanzanite..

AED 3,167.00 Ex Tax: AED 3,167.00