Rings are the most important jewelry worn by ladies and men, since decade’s rings originated in a form of Christ rings mainly made for preserving the family tree with a particular logo or symbol symbolizes their family tree.

Rings are mainly Engagement, Wedding or simply for a Evening Dress and in 20th Century Toe and thumb rings are also worn by most of the men instead of men's rings and Gender inequality has Diminished.

At Eva we offer rings for all occasions and we undertake custom orders for rings which have evolved out of unique idea & inspirations of Individuals.

Eva Gems mainly manufactures rings in 18 carats white-yellow-rose Gold or Platinum upon special Requirements.


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Cushion dual diamond ring

Get Amazed with this shinny and modern Design of cushion cut diamond setted with double li..

AED 7,650.00 Ex Tax: AED 7,650.00

Cushion halo diamond ring

Bring sparkle to life with Halo DesignCushion cut diamond ring, in 18 carats whitegold or platinum u..

AED 4,975.00 Ex Tax: AED 4,975.00

Cushion Shape Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring CAJ001 PREORDER

Cushion Shape Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring CAJ001

18 carat Cushion Shape Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring is combination of White Gold, Trillion Cut Sided ..

AED 155,000.00 Ex Tax: AED 155,000.00

Customised Semi-Mount Ring with Second Band

White Gold 18k Diamond Ring in 4 Pong setting for the centre Diamond with total together 32 side dia..

AED 3,603.00 Ex Tax: AED 3,603.00

Customised Semi-Mount Rings

White Gold 18k Diamond Ring in Classic 4 Prongs Settings for centre diamond with 18 side diamonds on..

AED 2,273.00 Ex Tax: AED 2,273.00

Customised Semi-Mount Rings

White Gold 18k Diamond Ring in 4 Prong Setting - Twisted in Heights Design with side diamonds in the..

AED 2,372.00 Ex Tax: AED 2,372.00

Customized Semi-Mount Rings (B12281)

White Gold 18k Diamond ring in 4 prongs setting surrounded by 2 bigger Diamonds in the side along wi..

AED 2,797.00 Ex Tax: AED 2,797.00

Dazzle Aquamarine diamond ring

Get dazzled with this unique concept, the 3 by 3 diamonds on each side of aquamarine, enlightens the..

AED 3,207.00 Ex Tax: AED 3,207.00

Deco Touch Princess ring

Unique Engagement ring for this new Era Princess, Get dazzled with Deco Touch Engagement Princess ..

AED 28,500.00 Ex Tax: AED 28,500.00

Design's Masterpiece Ring

White Gold Design's Masterpiece Diamond Ring made in 18Kt Gold with Calligraphy designs. Ideal for S..

AED 6,500.00 Ex Tax: AED 6,500.00

Designer Ring

White Gold 18 Carat Diamond Ring with Adorable Floral Design set in Micro Prongs with total 69 Piece..

AED 2,200.00 Ex Tax: AED 2,200.00

Designers Masterpiece Diamond Ring

Designer's Masterpiece Diamond Ring made in 18Kt Rose Gold. Total 5.38 grams gold in the ring consis..

AED 5,470.00 Ex Tax: AED 5,470.00

Diamond & Yellow Topaz Ring

The question of how the yellow topaz is held together by a thin strip of diamond studded 18kt White ..

AED 1,299.00 Ex Tax: AED 1,299.00

Diamond Crown Ring

White Gold 18 Carat with a combination of Bugget diamonds and Round Diamonds together in a sequnce u..

AED 2,731.00 Ex Tax: AED 2,731.00

Diamond Triangle Wedding & Anniversary Ring

White Gold 18 Kt Diamond ring with three diamonds including Round diamond, Princess cut Diamond and ..

AED 4,000.00 Ex Tax: AED 4,000.00