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Aquarius - Zodiac Necklace

Aquarius - Zodiac NecklaceHere have a come up with our new collection of Constellation Signs of ever..

AED 2,585.00 Ex Tax: AED 2,585.00

Blue Fusion Sapphire Necklace

Descriptions Of Blue Fusion sapphire & Diamond Neckalce are:- 172 pcs of total diamonds which is ..

AED 15,800.00 Ex Tax: AED 15,800.00

Blue Intervention Diamond Necklace (or1105)

Blue Intervention diamond necklace has been specialy deisgned with keeping in mind the modern look a..

AED 19,500.00 Ex Tax: AED 19,500.00

Blue Sonic Necklace

18k white gold blue sapphire & diamonds setted uniformly , the in each oval shape there are 1o pcs d..

AED 21,850.00 Ex Tax: AED 21,850.00

Capricon Constellation Necklace New

Capricon Constellation Necklace

Capricon Constellation NecklaceHere have a come up with our new collection of Constellation Signs of..

AED 2,855.00 Ex Tax: AED 2,855.00

Celebrity Red Carpet Necklace

yellow gold 18 carats:- 51.720 grams Semi precious amythyst,yellow topaz,green amythyst all toget..

AED 38,500.00 Ex Tax: AED 38,500.00


CURVED SHAPE CLUSTER SET DIAMOND NECKLACEDiamond necklaces create a sophisticated andtimeless look t..

AED 2,650.00 Ex Tax: AED 2,650.00

Diamond Baguette Necklace

18kt White gold Diamond Baguette Necklace with chain. check the descriptions for the Necklace 1..

AED 2,450.00 Ex Tax: AED 2,450.00

Diamond Ballroom Necklace

Diamond necklace with a round shape saphire meeting the two adjoining points, ideal for special dinn..

AED 13,250.00 Ex Tax: AED 13,250.00

Diamond Circle Necklace

Something new from ordinary necklace style, this dual circle combination of gold and diamonds looks..

AED 2,450.00 Ex Tax: AED 2,450.00

Emerald Luxury Diamond Necklace

18 K white gold Natural Emerald Necklace with Diamonds,consists of medium size 7 pcs Pear shape Emer..

AED 33,500.00 Ex Tax: AED 33,500.00

Evoke diamond necklace

Evoke diamond with 18K Yellow Gold 0.20ct Round Diamond Necklace (B14358) - Complete your jewelry co..

AED 3,050.00 Ex Tax: AED 3,050.00

Expressions diamond necklace

Complete your jewelry collection with this diamond necklace from Expressions. Featuring a 18k yellow..

AED 2,760.00 Ex Tax: AED 2,760.00

Fatima Hand Diamond Necklace

Check out our Fatima Hand Necklace with full of diamonds on it. made in 18 kt white gold hooked wit..

AED 1,750.00 Ex Tax: AED 1,750.00

Forever Love Necklace

Product Details:Forever Love Necklace Brand: mamiya Model Number: B145480 Necklace Type: Chains..

AED 3,950.00 Ex Tax: AED 3,950.00