Earrings Refer to per-requisite elements in mainly ladies. Till date Females tend to wear earrings in a form of studs or dangling on both the ears. Males Gender prefers to wear in single Ear for Fashion statement.

We have mainly 18 carats white or Yellow gold earrings in Precious stones like diamonds, Ruby, sapphires, emeralds or pearls

Earrings can be customized according to individual taste and idea's derived and implemented by our handicrafts men. 

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Pinky Swirl Earrings

Show your elegance with this masterpiece rose gold earring.   Diamond 0.37ct ..

AED 2,262.00 Ex Tax: AED 2,262.00

Prong Hoop Earring

White Gold 18kt Hoop Earring in Prong Setting with total 16 Pieces of Diamond Set in the Astonishing..

AED 2,969.00 Ex Tax: AED 2,969.00


Complement your outfit with these beautiful pair of diamond earrings from MAMIYA. Featuring 30 piece..

AED 2,955.00 Ex Tax: AED 2,955.00

Rose Gold Diamond Earrings

Rose Gold 18Kt solitaire Diamond set in Clip lock mechanism. Total diamond carat is 0.22 Ct, 18Kt Ge..

AED 2,400.00 Ex Tax: AED 2,400.00

Rose Quartz Earring

A simplistic diamond and rose quartz design to make a beauty statement.  Diamond 0.12c..

AED 1,530.00 Ex Tax: AED 1,530.00

Rosevella Earrings

Inspired by the warmth shade of the rose, the "Rosevella" earrings will bring out the cheerful perso..

AED 1,890.00 Ex Tax: AED 1,890.00

Round Double Pave Stud Earrings

Dress up any look with this remarkable earring set. Beaming simulated diamond earrings are the perf..

AED 4,850.00 Ex Tax: AED 4,850.00

Ruby & Diamond Drop Earrings

A thing of beauty. Featuring Brilliant Square 2 Pieces of Rubies exquisite Earrings are further enha..

AED 5,260.00 Ex Tax: AED 5,260.00

Sapphire Diamond Earrings Floral

Sapphire Diamond Earrings here we have the really Beautiful design on the drop style earrings. This ..

AED 5,351.00 Ex Tax: AED 5,351.00

Simple Hoop Earrings

This Hoop Earrings with Round Briliant Diamond sparkle make a huge impact on Traditional hoop Earrin..

AED 2,163.00 Ex Tax: AED 2,163.00

Skyfall Earrings

Inspired by the calmness of the sky, the radiant turquoise quartz earrings will bring out the confid..

AED 2,299.00 Ex Tax: AED 2,299.00

Studded Diamond Earrings - ORSR01 New PREORDER

Studded Diamond Earrings - ORSR01

Studded Diamond Earrings made in 18kt gold. Diamond Earrings are with center diamond as well with s..

AED 18,960.00 Ex Tax: AED 18,960.00

Tri Flower Diamond Earrings

Diamond and white gold earrings with 3 pieces of diamond in 1 petal. check the descriptions for t..

AED 1,450.00 Ex Tax: AED 1,450.00

Tri Gold & Diamond Drop Earring

A Gorgeous array of Gold and Diamonds makes this pair of Earrings collection the perfect keepsake. T..

AED 5,315.00 Ex Tax: AED 5,315.00

Trio Earrings

This Gorgeous Pair of Earrings are combination of 3 different elements contains White Diamond,..

AED 3,500.00 Ex Tax: AED 3,500.00